Game Developer

My name is Aleksejs (Alex) Belezjaks (Алексей Белезяк in Russian) and I am a University of Hull Computer Science graduate. I wrote my first computer program in BASIC when I was 10 years old and didn’t own a computer. Since then I have been constantly improving my programming developer skills.

I like creating simple to play yet addictive games. I prefer indie approach rather than AAA, putting well-though balanced gameplay over graphics and technologies. I also draw art for my games and sometimes write music.

I made few game jams as part of 1.21 Gigabytes team.

In October 2016 together with my friend, outside a full time job, I have released action puzzle game Super Puzzle Sisters.

Since August 2014 I am working in the Ninja Theory as a gameplay programmer.

Contact me: – you can find my resume there.