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Apps in August at Microsoft Reading Day 1

Category : Win8 Dev · by Aug 9th, 2012

I was very exited when I received reply from Microsoft that I am accepted into Apps in August event. But I completely didn’t know what expect.

While on the way there I met few other student-participant and we made our way to the Microsoft building (from second try) I was quite happy to actually see some people I met before (Ben Nunney), finally meet someone I have seen online many times (Phil Cross) and of course get to know some new faces (Natasha Joseph).

Microsoft Welcome Sign

Microsoft Welcome Sign

The first, and the most funny thing we have all noticed is a meeting room. There was 8 chairs. And there was 26 of us 🙂 But we managed to solve this.

First day was more like introductory. I have noted myself that Microsoft is a very friendly place. I have hardly saw people in suits and everywhere was spirit of the freedom. Does not feels like multi-billion company at all.

The biggest thing I remind from the first day was Ben’s words: “You are the part of the Platform. And we want you help us”. Well I really feel myself like a part of the Windows Platform and I really interested to make it better. And that’s not because of free drink in the office, but because I feel good to be part of something big and wonderful. And also I feel that Microsoft actually does care about me. Both times after Microsoft Excellence Lab I had someone from Microsoft phoned me asked if everything was all right. That is really something I have not expected at all.

Finally we had wonderful dinner in Wagamama’s. I guess everyone was very exited, except Phil, because he was the one who paid the bill 😛

Microsoft Reading Reception Lobby

Microsoft Reading Reception Lobby


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