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Apps in August at Microsoft Reading Day 2

Category : Win8 Dev · by Aug 9th, 2012

The second day at Microsoft Reading was an app idea sharing day. And that was the most amazing part of this 3-day event ! There was many ideas and every was different, unique and interesting. Actually, during pitch session (where all ideas was presented) I really wanted to develop some of them. But I will stick to my idea. 🙂 (I was surprised so many people liked it)

Microsoft Reading Building Complex

Microsoft Reading Building Complex

I personally trying to make something very simple, because I just don’t have enough resources to anything complex. But some of the student was shy of theirs simple ideas. And that’s not right.

Windows 8 Store is absolutely new and empty. It needs all kind of application. Complex, serious, stupid and simple. But, they all should be very good quality. And Windows 8 Developer tools lets you to make this.

Just want to add that I enjoined it a lot ! Nothing compared to moment where everyone clapping in the end of your presentation, asking questions and giving you feedback after it.

Microsoft Product Stand in Main Lobby

Microsoft Product Stand in Main Lobby


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