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Apps in August at Microsoft Reading Day 3

Category : Win8 Dev · by Aug 9th, 2012

That was a sad day 🙁 Because we had to leave. Apart from that it was great !

There was nice Tech talk session from Martin whom I have met before on Tech Days in June and surprisingly he have recognized me (Microsoft people starts recognizing me, wow, lol) It nice and very informative, except the fact I have seen them before and there was no C++ at all.

Ad Screen in Main Lobby

Ad Screen in Main Lobby

Apart from that can’t remember anything more, we were just chatting with each other and enjoying our stay 🙂 I could say I met new friends there and really looking forward  to possibly meet you guys in the end of August. That was great event !

Now I am going to dig up into C++/CX and DirectX Windows 8 Metro development. As Phil said hundreds times, all we need to care now is “Apps in Store” 🙂

Outside of Microsoft Reading Main Reception

Outside of Microsoft Reading Main Reception


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