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How to associate Windows 8 app with the Store

Category : Win8 Dev · by Aug 10th, 2012

Recently I was wondering how to specify right information in the application manifest (appxmanifest) so it would pass certification. There is much more complicated rules compared to Windows Phone Marketplace. For example: all names are unique, so name inside manifest  of uploaded application should be the same as reserved name in Windows 8 Store, otherwise certification would fail.

And there is very useful feature in Visual Studio. Inside “Project -> Store” menu there is “Associate App with Store” function. Pressing on than would give you “sign in” window. If you managed to remember your DevID and password you could choose reserved application name and associate it with store, which will edit your application manifest with the right information.

Taa-daa ! I would definitely post if it helped me to pass store certification)


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6 years ago · Reply

Thank you. Was really helpful as I was not associating it with Store and got errors of invalid package family name and publisher.

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