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Category : OpenSource · by Jun 1st, 2014

I recently got quite interested into idea of open source and thought that I need to try it out myself too. Luckily I recently was working on a few interesting projects for university. So I decided that I am going to partially release modified version of my works which think could be of use for somebody else. I decided to use GPL 3.0 licence for this.

Ant Colony Simulation

When started working on this project I noticed that there are not a lot existing works I could use for research. So I was certain I want to release my work almost from the start.

This project is Ant colony simulation. It contains two different ant colony types which uses two different algorithms to navigate in the world. One is simple vector ant colony that uses best-first path-finding algorithm. And other is based on real ant model with the use of pheromone trails to create path to food and back home.

On top of that this work also have 2D Grid Engine which I think I might use for my future games.

Source on Google Code

TCP/IP Message Manager

Another project I did for university was RSS client and server distributed applications. At the start of the project I decided that I am going to spend some time to develop decent TCP messaging service/manager so it would be easier to develop rest of application. And it did paid well. All server functionality is neatly encapsulated and all you have to use is around 10 methods and event handlers.

However, as this manager does not encrypt messages in any way it sphere of use is very limited. Maybe I will fix it in the future, but so far it only suits for educational/testing purposes and maybe for sending open public data which does not needs encryption.

Message Manager Source


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