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Three Thing Game 24h Jam Summer

Category : Game Jam · by Jun 15th, 2014

This is the fourth time I participate in the University of Hull Three Thing Game 24h Jam, so I already got some experience with them. We (team 1.21 Gigabytes) decided to participate with the same line-up. We decided to use game engine from our previous game (Stand-Out) which is based on MonoGame.

The theme words for the game were “Eiffel Tower”, “Undersea”, and “Flying Fish”. As such, the game features a submerged Eiffel Tower being attacked from underwater by a flying fish.

The game is a local two player game. The first player controls the boat using the keyboard and mouse. The boat is tasked with protecting the Eiffel Tower by killing the fish before the tower is destroyed. To do this, it has two weapons: the harpoon and the sonar (stuns the fish for two seconds). The second player controls the fish using a gamepad. The fish can swim and jump out of the water to attack the Eiffel Tower or the sails of the boat (to disable boat movement).

Overall, this game jam went well, as we came first as a best game, but there were only 9 or so teams finished, instead of usual 25-30. You can download the game for Windows using link below.

Download for Windows

Link in Portfolio


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