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Windows 8 Application Excellence Lab

Category : Win8 Dev · by Jul 5th, 2012

Today in the morning I had Virtual Application Excellence Lab with one of the Microsoft employees. I had some problems with internet connection and game was far from finished, but there is some good point Nicolas tells me while reviewing my application.

Try not to Use Gradient in Main UI Elements

Like menu button. I have noticed that Microsoft likes using solid colour feel for their UI elements, and also recommends it for Game Developers.

Shows Game Instructions in Charm Bar

Pretty logic that settings should be there, but Microsoft recommends put instructions in there as well. Makes sense, as it will be easily accessed from everywhere in the game.

Pause Game in Snapview

Snapview is mandatory for all applications, but games can’t really use it. So just put it on hold and let user know he should play it fullscreen (or Fillview).

Show progress in Live Tile

It is advised to show game progress (highscore) in live tile. Also, only in wide mode, when it takes space of two squares.

Make Use of Application Bar

It is advised by Microsoft to use application bar in your game as an alternative to Menu Buttons.

WinRT Reference

As I understood “^” specifies the WinRT reference and should be called so. As I said before, it could be used only with WinRT classes. You could use it in your class only if it is implemented on top of another WinRT class.


At the end I would say I enjoyed the meeting. It feels like Microsoft really want us (developers) to release applications to Windows Store. And big thanks to Nicolas for taking his time to review my application!


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